COL proposes to use a FTTB/FTTC (fiber to the building/fiber to the curb) solution to support both digital video and broadband Internet/VOIP. The design will allow the company to outperform the existing (or any) operator employing conventional HFC technology. The digital video is based on one fiber running at 1550nm and the broadband Internet/VOIP is based on EPON (Ethernet passive optical network), both based on FTTB/FTTC architecture. This design takes advantage of the newly availability of EPON technology, a lower cost of fiber cable, and an affordable fiber optic transmitters and receivers.

DVB video sources can be received easily from existing satellites. However, IPTV may find difficulty in getting the content since there are very few programs broadcasted for IP TV, which mostly uses MPEG-4 technology.IP TV STB is more expensive. IP TV uses a MPEG-4 decoder chip, which is introduced to the market only recently. Its business model etc is still needed to be qualified by the industry. However, DVB video has been here for almost 15 years and the STB technology is very affordable as compared to that of IP TV.

Power outage can be a common problem in the country, and thus posing a severe challenge for operating a HFC with heavy coax network. A power failure will cause a trunk amplifier or line extender to fail and affecting many subscribers as a result. Therefore, one of the design goals is to:

  Minimize or eliminate the number of active amplifiers in the network.

  High power laser transmitter together with amplifier has become available, allowing for operators to bring the fiber closer to the subscribers.

  The cost of fiber cable can be the same or even cheaper than the coax lately due to the soaring costs of copper

Each ONU can contain a video ONU. Both video ONU and EPON ONU share the same housing, located in the building or at the curb side.

The video ONU is connected to RG-11 coax cable for the video distribution network and the EPON ONU is connected to an Ethernet switch and linked to each subscriber through a CAT

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